It is with great joy that we are announcing that we announce that Háskólabíó will become the main cinema venue for RIFF, the Reykjavik International Film Festival, which will be held for the twentieth time from September 28th to October 8th.

Aldís Amah Hamilton at RIFF 2022 opening ceremony

The building will come back to life during those 11 days when RIFF showcases numerous brand-new films from all corners of the world during the festival. Thus festival goers will be offered a unique opportunity to see movies in the venue once again, as regular film screenings have ceased in the cinema in recent months.

RIFF also had screenings in all the auditoriums of Háskólabíó last year which proved very successful so the festival is eager to continue its collaboration with the theater.

RIFF will also organize events and film screenings in the Nordic House, as well as in various locations throughout the city under the RIFF banner. Other venues will also include libraries, nursing homes, and other cultural venues around Reykjavík.


Háskólabíó continues to be a cultural center.

According to Þorvaldur Kolbeins, the managing director of Háskólabíó, there is great anticipation for RIFF, and the plan is to continue hosting various cultural events in the venue. ‘Háskólabíó will continue to be a large and enjoyable entertainment venue,” he says but the theater has a long history as a cultural hub in Reykjavik.

The venue will be decorated anew for the festival, and everything will be done to provide the warmest welcome for RIFF guests, in collaboration with Góði Hirðirinn, in line with the festival’s environmentally friendly approach.

RIFF also had similar screenings at Háskólabíó last year, and according to Hrönn Marínósdóttir, the director of RIFF, ticket sales increased over the years. She says, ‘We are truly excited to continue at Háskólabíó since the venue holds special importance in the history of Icelandic cinema.’


General information about Háskólabíó.

Hrönn Marínósdóttir director at RIFF in front of Háskólabíó

Háskólabíó has operated as a cinema since 1961, with SENA managing its operations since 2007.

The contract with SENA expires at the end of June, and regular screenings have therefore been discontinued.

The venue has long been one of Reykjavik’s main cultural hubs. It served as the main concert hall for the Iceland Symphony Orchestra for some years until Harpa Concert Hall was inaugurated in 2011. Many fond memories are associated with this historic venue, which will continue to be a center of culture.