RIFF supports Stígamót – Can you help?

Thank you for being a part of RIFF, we look forward to seeing you in the cinema.

And now, we’d like to take a moment to ask for your help.

RIFF is a proud to supporter of Stígamót, a center where specially-trained experts provide free and confidential counseling to survivors of sexual abuse, in a safe, accessible, and diverse environment. Research has shown that women who have experienced sexual violence may constitute the single largest group of people affected by post-traumatic stress disorder, and that seeking support after abuse is vital to one’s well-being.

Their goal is to empower and support these survivors by providing tools and practices to support them in navigating trauma to restore a sense of safety and community.  

Click here to support Stígamót today by adding your donation to your ticket purchase – even a small contribution makes a difference.

RIFF also accepts donations through the ticketing system that goes directly to the organization.

Featured image by: Mika Baumeister