The SMART 7 Category & Seats in an International Jury Offered at RIFF23

Seats in an International Jury Offered!

SMART7 Category at RIFF

RIFF (Reykjavik International Film Festival) is participating this year in the collaborative project SMART7, which is a joint venture of seven film festivals in Europe. The collaboration aims to introduce young filmmakers who are emerging talents in the field. The category features selected films by young and exciting directors who are exploring innovative approaches in their debut films.

The role of SMART7 is also to strengthen cooperation and collaboration among the festivals, all sharing the common goal of promoting independent filmmaking art with an emphasis on young and ambitious directors. Smart7 is supported by Creative Media Europe.

The film festivals involved in the collaboration are:  

New Horizons International Film Festival (Poland),

IndieLisboa International Film Festival (Portugal),

Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Greece),

Transilvania International Film Festival (Romania),

FILMADRID International Film Festival (Spain),

Reykjavik International Film Festival (Iceland),

Vilnius International Film Festival Kino Pavasaris (Lithuania).

All these festivals will showcase the same films and work closely together to achieve the shared objective of distributing high-quality filmmaking to as many people as possible throughout Europe.

The Jury of Young People

Would you like to be a part of an international jury that convenes in Thessaloniki, Greece?

RIFF is inviting applications from young people aged 18-30 who are interested in being part of the jury and selecting the best film in the SMART7 category. One representative from the jury will travel as RIFF's delegate to Thessaloniki in November, where the joint jury of these seven countries will choose the best film in the SMART7 category. RIFF will provide the winner with a flight to Thessaloniki, take care of the festival experience, and provide three nights in a hotel. 

To participate, you only need to fill out the application here! 

The selected person will be announced before RIFF starts on 28th of september. 

"Mannvirki" - A new Icelandic film by Gústav Geir Bollason screened at RIFF

The Icelandic contribution to this collaboration is "Mannvirki" by Gústav Geir Bollason, which will have its premiere at RIFF.  

"Mannvirki" was premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival earlier this year and received excellent reviews and acclaim from critics. It's Gústav's directorial debut in the field of filmmaking.

The films featured in the SMART7 category are as follows: 


"Mannvirki" (Iceland)

This Icelandic film is a remarkable blend of traditional and experimental filmmaking, incorporating documentary elements from director Gústav Geir Bollason. The film explores an abandoned building on Iceland's northern coast, with scenes showing "workmen" interacting with or contributing to the building's decay. The building is affected by the presence of creatures, animals, and vegetation, each leaving their mark.


"Black Stone" (Greece)

A group of documentary filmmakers aims to explore public workers in Greece. The story revolves around Haroula, a mother in search of her son, who embarks on a journey with her disabled son and a Greek-African taxi driver to find her missing son, accused of fraud. Directed and scripted by Spiros Jacovides, "Black Stone" is his feature-length debut.


"Bread and Salt" (Poland)

The film draws inspiration from true events and showcases the struggles faced by people across Europe due to the increasing number of refugees. The story follows Tymek, a young and talented pianist studying at a music school in Warsaw. When Tymek returns to his small town, he witnesses growing tension between the local youth and Arab immigrants who have opened a popular kebab place.


"Índia" (Portugal)

The film focuses on three Portuguese men from different generations living on the margins of dreams, missed opportunities, and existential crises in Lisbon. Their lives intertwine when they meet Karen, a Brazilian woman wandering the streets of the city, who sends letters about her experiences. The film challenges urban gentrification and unintentional racism.


"Secaderos / Tobacco Barns" (Spain)

Mysterious tobacco barns stand in a secluded village, becoming a paradise for a young city girl. However, a local teenager sees the place as a prison. Two stories unfold during a summer filled with magic realism and dense tobacco leaves. Directed by Rocío Mesa, the film is largely based on her own experiences growing up in southern Spain.


"Mammalia" (Romania)

Romanian director Sebastian Mihăilescu presents a surreal drama in his debut feature film. The story follows a man on a dreamlike journey that leads to the border between reality and the surreal. He discovers a world filled with eerie rituals and societies, blurring the lines between the real and the surreal.


"Remember to Blink" (Lithuania)

A childless French couple adopts young siblings from Lithuania. To assist the children's adjustment, the new parents hire Gabriele, a Lithuanian nanny who speaks both Lithuanian and French. However, cultural differences and conflicting values soon lead to tensions between the adults, casting uncertainty over the children's future.