Since its very beginnings, RIFF’s key mission has been to introduce cinema as a powerful tool for Iceland’s youngest generations to understand themselves in the reflections of others. Throughout the years, YouthRIFF, a film festival for children and youths, has evolved, grown and become a much awaited celebration for our young ones. By offering a highly curated program of the very best cinema for kids and teens and organizing film workshops and a myriad of educational activities, we aim to spark the necessary conversations that will inspire and accompany them through adulthood, with the hope that some will grow up to be the emerging filmmakers of tomorrow. 

YouthRIFF offers children and youth audiences a diverse and inclusive programme showcasing films from around the world that are usually not screened in Icelandic cinemas; films that touch on social, environmental and youth matters so as to spark intellectual discussions after the screenings. Our goal is to inspire the younger generations and help them find their own solutions to particular issues, enriching their social consciousness along the way.

YouthRIFF has collaborated with preschools and primary schools in Reykjavík and around the country since its inception. Our film selection consists of short film programmes and feature films that are curated by age group suitability. All programs and screenings include supporting educational materials that facilitate the supervisor’s discussion with students in the cinema and the classrooms.

YouthRIFF embraces cinema as a fun and educational experience where the children are provided with film literacy insights. The implementation of the projects depends on the edition-specific topics, but in general, the study material is based on group work, discussion, reflection and critical thinking.

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