Go girls!

International Women's Day was last Friday, March 8, 2024. However, the fight for equality continues every day of the year.

We remember the hardworking and brave women who paved the way for us who came after. We would also like to remind you of the importance of keeping the debate on equality alive, as such human rights are not self-evident rights.

Iceland has often been described as a paradise of equality, but recent studies show that the gender gap in creative industries and filmmaking is considerable and in many places there is a long way to go. Despite that, good things are happening and Icelandic female filmmakers are on the rise.

Girls film!
RIFF wants to contribute to equality in the industry, among other things, by overseeing the initiative 'Stelpur filma!' (Girls Film) which acts as an international model of 'Stelpur Rokka!' (Girls Rock) of the organisations that have been running in this country for decades. 'Stelpur filma!' has benefited from the team of exceptional talented women who have worked hard to promote a new generation of girls and queer youth, to the stars of the industry.

Women's Strike
The year 1975 was historic in the Icelandic human rights struggle, when Icelandic women stopped working and attended a protest meeting where they demanded rights, better wages, and respect. The reverberations of this event have been felt over the decades and on October 24, 2023, a women's strike was called again with a record amount of protesters.

Kvikmyndin The film The Day that Iceland Stood Still (2023) by Pamela Hogan recounts these events in an amazing way. The film was screened at RIFF 2023. eftir Pamelu Hogan segir frá þessum atburðum með mögnuðum hætti. Kvikmyndin var sýnd á RIFF 2023.

Go girls!