Educational Programs

RIFF offers a diverse range of educational programs, for children and adults. We are aware of the importance of film literacy, especially for children and adolescents. These programs introduce participators to the wider world of cinema and give them knowledge and motivation to further their interest in filmmaking. In addition, RIFF’s equality policy plays a vital role in all courses and activities, where everyone has a voice and the opportunity to be heard.

Childrenand Youth

Children & Youth Program

RIFF offers all pre-school and primary school students a free children's program consisting of European short films. RIFF offers short film categories for children of different ages, from 4 to 16 years old that can be used in school work. Each category includes several short films and is approximately 70- 90 minutes long, and also includes supporting material that facilitates the supervisor's discussion with students.

RIFF 4 future

RIFF 4 Future brings together young talents from the Nordic region for a three-day workshop to reflect on opportunities for young filmmakers in the era of New Media and Global warming. Using filmmaking, new media, and storytelling the talents will learn to develop their voice voices in regards to SDG’s awareness.


Reykjavik Talent lab

Reykjavik Talent Lab is for talents who want to meet up with other like-minded individuals in Reykjavik and make first-hand contact with film producers and other professionals for help and consulting on their first feature film.

Girls Film!

Girls Film! is a week-long course where girls learn the basics of filmmaking. Many factors make girls less likely to be adventurous and to continue testing themselves in filmmaking and make their voices heard. Girls Film! contributes to correct this gender gap, by providing a safe space where girls can develop their talents, cultivate their inner creativity and form relationships with female role models.


Cinema Bus

The Cinema bus goes around the country screening films from the children and youth program. In the evenings it also offers a drive-in cinema experience in small towns that do not have their own cinema in town. The focus of the project is to encourage interest, film education, and film literacy.

RIFF Student TV

RIFF Student Tv has captured the spirit of the festival in recent years by operating as an online TV during the festival. This has been executed as part of the education of media students 16-18 years old at a junior college in Reykjavik, Borgarholtsskóli, and Ármúli junior college under the guidance of a professional producer.

Stop-Motion Workshop

Reykjavík International Film Festival has established a stop-motion workshop for our youngest generation over the course of the past few years related to the film festival. Children are taught to create a simple animation with the stop-motion technique.

Student Short Film Workshop

The workshop is intended for Children and young Teenagers (10 – 15 years old), as well as teachers who attend lectures about script-writing, direction and editing. The 4 day program teaches the basics in the making of short films.

The Summer Institute

The Summer Institute is a forum where talent in the film industry can improve their script development skills. The focus is on guidance and instruction in script-writing and project development.