Icelandic short films at 2024 Bamberger kurzfilmtage

Icelandic short films at 2024 Bamberger kurzfilmtage

Reykjavik, February 23rd - The 2024 Bamberg Short Film Festival in Germany curated a special focus on Icelandic short films, aptly titled “Rauchende vulkane” or "Flaming volcanos." This thematic choice, as explained by festival staff, aimed to evoke the powerful imagery commonly associated with Iceland. The title, in line with the festival's tradition, was selected for its poetic resonance rather than a literal representation of the films' content.

Within this Icelandic spotlight, the festival showcased a diverse selection of shorts, sourced from the latest edition of RIFF (Reykjavik International Film Festival). Each film offered a unique perspective, delving into themes ranging from grief and connection to nature's evolving beauty.

Due to strikes in Germany, the planned trip of the RIFF staff to Bamberg did not take place, but the festival guests were nevertheless extremely satisfied with this high-quality Icelandic program.

The short films from the Icelandic focus:

Stages - Hörður Freyr Brynjarsson, Stroud Rohde Pearce

Portraying a poignant improvisational musical session within an abandoned power plant, exploring the stages of grief. 

Moon Pie Vanilla – Erlendur Sveinsson

He which humorously navigates the predicament of a nervous robber encountering unexpected company during a convenience store heist.

Together - Ísak Hinriksson

A profound encounter between a man and a woman in a shop.

All Around - Birna Ketilsdóttir Schram

A deeply personal exploration of loss and memory through the eyes of a granddaughter. 

Bookswapping (Late Summer in Reykjavík) - Bergur Árnason

Follows a writer's intriguing exchange of messages with a mysterious note-writer, discovered within the pages of a book. 

Nature bonds - Sven Petoom, Gríma Irmudóttir og Jonathan Damborg

A poetic exploration of humanity's evolving relationship with nature in the Icelandic landscape.

The Bamberg Short Film Festival's dedication to Icelandic cinema proved immensely successful, captivating audiences with the evocative storytelling and visual splendor of the "flaming volcano" category. Throughout the festival week, the cinemas saw an impressive turnout, with over four thousand attendees immersed in the cinematic journey offered by these Icelandic gems. For more information contact Hrönn Marínósdóttir, Festival Manager RIFF, at