The Portuguese film Baan won the Gullna lundann and two Icelandic short films received awards, Bókaskipti by Berg Árnason and Sorgarstig by Þorleif Gauk Davíðsson


The award winners of the RIFF - International Film Festival in Reykjavík - were announced today, at a ceremony in Háskólbíó at 17 today, October 7. The final film of the festival is Greyin / Poor Things by Yorgos Lanthimos, which won the Golden Lion in Venice and was shown to a full audience. The festival ends for the twentieth time another agony

Book Exchange (Late Summer Night in Reykjavík) by Berg Árnason and Sorgarstig by Þorleif Gauk Davíðsson, Hörð Frey Brynjarsson and Stroud Rohde Pearce and won the award for the best Icelandic short films this year.

The Golden Puffin, RIFF's main prize, went to the film Baan from Portugal by Leonor Teles who attended today's ceremony. The film is about the characters L and K. The film mixes both time, space and emotions that collapse when Lisbon mixes with Bangkok in a special narrative. In the Vitrunum category, 8 films by directors who are making their first or second film competed. Baan had its world premiere in Locarno this summer. RIFF is the second festival in the world showing this film

Then the film Orlando, My Political Biography from France by Paul B. Breciado received an award in A Different Tomorrow category, where films dealing with pressing current issues are shown. The film Orlando My Politcal Biography had its world premiere at the Berlinale festival this winter and won, among other things, the Encounters and Teddy awards.

The award-winning films are shown in Háskólabíó on the final day of RIFF tomorrow, Sunday:
Baan will be shown, at 2:45 p.m
Orlando, My Political Biography, kl. 17:15

And the best short films will be shown at 1:15 p.m

There has been a record attendance at RIFF this year, and the families are extremely grateful to the audience, filmmakers and partners for their support.

The results of the festival were as follows: 


Golden Egg


Svandís Dóra Einarsdóttir


Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir

Director, screenwriter, actress and producer.

Andrean Sigurgeirsson

Dancer, choreographer and actor.

The winner of the Talent Lab workshop and the holder of the Golden Egg is: This is Ours by Simon London This is Ours by Simon London

Review of the jury:

In the beginning, the story pulls us into a reality that seems very distant from our own. But as the story unfolds, it seems to move closer and closer to us, and in the end it raises a number of social questions that we deal with today. The story raises questions about structure and free will, human behavior and reasoning, compassion and violence, obedience and rebellion, the need to fit into society and the desire to be unique. 

The film was professional and excellent in every way. It was obvious that every detail was thought of and that the filmmaker has developed a unique style that was consistent throughout the film. The direction, the acting, the story progression, the cinematography and the music were excellent in every way and it all came together to form a strong whole that is a work of art that asks us the question: "What is our value"? 

We are excited to watch this talented filmmaker grow and see what gems from him await us in the future. 

Congratulations on a great job.



Una Lorenzen

Director and artist, known for his short film Chasing Birds.

Jason Gorber

Film journalist and critic.

Kristín Ómarsdóttir

Writer and poet.

The winning film in the international short film category is: BEEN THERE by Corina Schwingruber

Review of the jury:

For an engaging and entertaining sight to behold. Pictures provides a sweet but profound reminder that sometimes it's best to put down the phone and really see the world and all its wonders. Therefore, the International Short Film Jury at RIFF 2023 awards the prize to Corina Schwingruber Ilić and her film BEEN THERE.



RÚV and Trickshot will award the best Icelandic short film at RIFF 2023. RÚV will buy the short film for screening and Trickshot will give the winner ISK 300,000. gift card.

Marek Hovorka

Founder and director of Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival.

Tatiana Hallgrímsdóttir

Director of Culture at The Reykjavik Edition.

Búi Dam

Director, actor and musician.

Besta íslenska stuttmyndin: 

Book Exchange (Late Summer in Reykjavík) by Bergur Árnason

Jury Prize

Sorgarstig eftir Þorleif Gauk Davíðsson, Hörð Freyr Brynjarsson, Stroud Rohde Pearce, hlaut sérstök verðlaun dómnefndar.

Special recognition (Icelandic short films):

Allt um kring by Birna Schram

Náttúrubönd by Sven Peetoom, Gríma Irmudóttir, Jonathan Damborg

Review of the jury:

It is the director's job to create space. A space where a screenwriter can weave captivating stories and actors can breathe life into characters. Where a cinematographer can display everyone's unique vision and where lighting people can manipulate light and shadow. Also, a set designer has the task of creating detailed worlds and where an editor can shape the narrative with rhythm and precision. The composer has the task of weaving music to all of this. 

As the director allows this space to expand, so does the film, ultimately inviting the audience to participate. 

As human beings, we are mostly put together from an empty bed, and that is what the film shares with us. It provides a space for emotions, reflection and memories that reach the audience. 

Myndirnar sem deila verðlauna sem besta íslenska stuttmynd gera allt þetta. Besta myndin segir lúmska en grípandi sögu um sambönd manna og bóka en hin sem hlýtur sérstök dómnefndarverðlaun lýsir abstrakt ferðalagi þar sem við tjáum langanir í gegnum tónlist. 

The best Icelandic short film is therefore Bókaskipti, but the jury's award goes to a point of Stages

Best Icelandic student short film - winner:

Make a Wish, Benóný! by Katla Sólnes




Alessandro Raja

Sarajevo Film Festival Program Director and co-founder of Festival Scope.

Christian Jeune

Director of the film section of the Cannes Film Festival.

Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir

Documentary filmmaker

The prize goes to: Orlando, My Political Biography from France

Review of the jury: 

The film we have decided to award is really entertaining despite the fact that it deals with difficult subjects. The film breaks down barriers and is really brave but at the same time original in its execution. The film is a very beautiful combination of fictional reality and documentary.

Prize category: Visions - The Golden Puffin

Fabien Lemercier

Cineuropa reporter.

Susana Santos Rodrigues

Director of the IndieLisboa Film Festival in Portugal.

Ísold Uggadóttir

Film director and screenwriter.

Winner: Baan by Leonor Teles from Portugal

Special mention: Family Time by Tia Kouvo from Finland

Special recognition – Family time e. Tia Kouvo

A masterfully made first film that delves into the heart of a Finnish family celebrating Christmas. A film that treads the border between extreme realism and humor. Therefore, special recognition goes to Family Time by Tia Kouvo

Golden Puffin – BAAN e. Leonor Teles

We were obsessed with this charming first film, a love story that spans time and space, set in both Lisbon and Bangkok. The film mixes contemporary feminist existential questions with a timeless nostalgic aesthetic. What also made the difference was the magnetic performance of the lead actress and so the award goes to Leonor Teles' Baan.