Section: Documentaries

Our documentary programme aims to educate and inform, but also to mediate knowledge in new and exciting ways. A great documentary ignites our imaginations and can have a profound impact on its viewer and society by presenting unexpected viewpoints or new information.


Raised in a conservative Christian community, Dania’s relationship with a hip-hop artist influences her to write her own lyrics, exploring questions such as: is it a sin to drink or …

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Blind Ambition

The inspiring story of four men from Zimbabwe who form their country’s first Olympics team in Wine Tasting and their mission.


An immersive portrait of dance pioneer Alvin Ailey, told through his own words and through the creation of a dance inspired by his life.

Rebel Dykes

What happened when punk collided with feminism? A gang of lesbians, prominent in the riots of London in the 1980s, want to tell you!


After leaving a toxic relationship, filmmaker Maja Borg embarks on a dark and deeply personal journey of healing as she explores intersections between the ritual worlds of BDSM and Christianity.


A box of tapes uncovered. A lifelong Utopian obsession. A daughter’s attempt to complete her father’s final film. Wintopia traces the enigmatic footsteps of renowned documentary filmmaker Peter Wintonick through …

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