Section: International Shorts

A finely curated selection of brave, artistic and delicate voices. With urgency and determination, these talented filmmakers make us travel beyond the borders of reality, expanding the scope of our imagination, reinventing cinema within every frame, as demonstrated in this section.


A girl takes refuge in an abandoned house but hears mysterious footsteps outside.

Happiness Is A Journey

On Christmas Eve in Austin, Texas, a warehouse of dedicated workers rush to finish processing a newspaper publication before delivery.


In post-war Kosovo, two local table tennis players wander from place to place carrying with them their tables, in an ambitious effort to keep their sport alive.

Some Kind of Intimacy

The filmmaker talks to his brother on the phone, while he tries to communicate with the sheep living where his parents are buried.


In an anonymous city, a person collapses, appearing to have lost consciousness. Some strangers pass by, others embrace her.

State of Elevation

Aboard an atmospheric balloon, a young girl has a strange encounter in space through a narrative blend of fiction and found footage.

Eternal Guest

A poetic documentary about how third-generation migrant labourers are still considered guests in a country their families helped build.

Vacation Therapy

If you feel deprived, depressed, or your holiday to a sunny spot just got cancelled, “Vacation Therapy” might just be the cure for you.


A film that explores its own take on the character of Sycorax, from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Inner Outer Space

A group of amateur actors performs a variety of sensory exercises that include telepathic conversations and blindfolded walks to connect in a post-lockdown reality.