Section: Open Seas

Every year a few distinct films make the headlines on the festival circuit. These are exciting – and sometimes masterful – works, some by established filmmakers, others by newcomers. Here we have the cream of this past year’s crop.


In 17th-century Italy, a nun who suffers from religious visions develops a romantic love affair with the woman tasked with assisting her. The film’s sapphic eroticism was seen as sacrilegious …

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The first documentary from acclaimed British director Andrea Arnold premiered at Cannes Film Festival. This highly political film gives a close-up portrait of the daily lives of two cows.

Great Freedom

In postwar Germany, Hans is imprisoned time and again for being homosexual. At first he is repulsed by his long time cellmate, Viktor, a convicted murderer. Soon their relationship changes …

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I’m Your Man

A scientist is persuaded to participate in an extraordinary experiment. For three weeks, she must live with a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence designed to morph into her ideal life …

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Brighton 4th

A Georgian ex-wrestler travels from Tbilisi to Brooklyn, to help his son find a way out of a gambling debt. He challenges his son’s creditor to a wrestling match, and …

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Drive My Car

Adapted from Murakami’s short story, “Men Without Women”, a recently widowed director is invited to direct a play at a festival in Hiroshima. His chauffeur, a stoic woman, becomes his …

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Last Film Show

A nine-year-old cinephile’s heart is broken as his favourite theatre transitions from 35 mm to digital. With a little help from his friends, he constructs a DIY film projector, unaware …

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A woman in her sixties who, after losing everything in the Great Recession, embarks on a journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad. Winner of the …

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Cat in the wall

Cat in the Wall

South-East London, in the multicultural neighborhood of Peckham, in a municipal building. A Bulgarian family goes into serious conflict with their neighbors due to abandoned cat. Documentary Nominee European Film …

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Alice hasn’t seen her two children in months. After a recent and difficult divorce, her ex-husband keeps them from her as they await the final custody verdict in Northern Sweden. …

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