Section: Sami Shorts

This year, RIFF has a special program for films about Sámi people and their lives. The Sámi people are an indigenous Finno-Ugric people inhabiting Sápmi, which today encompasses large northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula in Russia.

The Tongues

The edge of the reindeers tongue holds all the lies and shall not be eaten, the one who eats it, will become a liar.



The young boy Amir is about to freeze to death and is forced to find shelter from the ice-cold winter storms. This leads to an unexpected meeting between the past …

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Suodji is a short film adaptation of an old story from Utsjoki, Sápmi, to the present. It is a legend of what the director’s relative, Ovllá-Ivvár Helander, did during the …

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In the wilderness of the tundra somewhere in Sápmi, a reindeerherder and his daughter are in a lávvu relaxing and enjoying life. Suddenly, far away they hear sound of a …

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