Section: The One Minutes

The One Minutes is a global network devoted to the moving image. Since 1998, The One Minutes has produced and distributed more than 17 thousand video works by artists from more than 120 countries. RIFF is grateful for its creative collaboration with The One Minutes these last few years. During the festival The One Minute films will be screened. This year we bring you two new series; ’Everything happened so much: archive as poem in an age of perpetual witnessing’ from Germany and ‘so real, so very now’ from the Netherlands. The former consists of 24 video-poems curated by Jesse Darling and gives space to the unreliable narrator and the chaos of memory. The latter consists of 17 video works curated by Misha de Ridder, and is intended as an exercise in seeing: to look, to look again and to look anew.

New Normalism

New Normalism is a term that changes almost every time we use it. At the time of the Open Call in April, New Normalism was part of an idealistic narrative …

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