The one minutes

The One Minutes is a global platform for one-minute videos. The One Minutes Foundation produces and distributes One Minute videos, providing an international stage for people to create, engage and connect. Every two months, The One Minutes releases a new series of one-minute films exploring our current time in moving images. Submit your videos and participate in the project! 

A shelter is not a home’ The One Minutes Jr.

2023, HD video, 15,38 min.

What is it like to grow up in the world’s largest refugee camp? To live in a shelter, not in a home?
The One Minutes Jr. traveled to Kutupalong Camp 17 with UNICEF Bangladesh for a workshop with young Rohingya refugees to find answers to these questions. The results are short autobiographical films that provide a poignant glimpse into their lives. Nobody can put a fence around your imagination. In your mind you can travel anywhere. In collaboration with UNICEF Bangladesh.

Ayesha Siddika, What Do You Think?,
Ayesha Siddika, 2023, Bangladesh
Cross Camp Traffic,
Azizu Rahman, 2023, Bangladesh
If I Could Say ‘No’,
Jannatul Bushara, 2023, Bangladesh
Jamil’s Dream,
Md. Jamil, 2023, Bangladesh
Elephants Are Friends,
Md. Rafique, 2023, Bangladesh

Human Ambulance,
Md. Refat, 2023, Bangladesh
No space to study,
Md. Riaz, 2023, Bangladesh
Too young to be a wife,
Minara, 2023, Bangladesh
Nur Faisal, 2023, Bangladesh
I Love Flowers,
Nur Fatema, 2023, Bangladesh

Nur Kolima, 2023, Bangladesh
Preserving Our Tradition,
Omme Solima, 2023, Bangladesh
My School,
Rahmatulla, 2023, Bangladesh
No Study, No Fun,
Sofa Akter, 2023, Bangladesh
Come Back,
Taslima, 2023, Bangladesh

 ‘REST HARD: an act of doing nothing in a safe company’ curated by Party Office

2023, HD video, 22,37 min.

»We assert that marginalized bodies perform a pivotal form of labor in the very act of survival. Such radical figures in proximity perform the nurturance of queer kinships and care.« Party Office

I can be the one,
Nestor Solano, 2020, USA
Lucha canaria,
Aimar Morales and Nati Pajasgratis, 2022, Spain
Close your eyes have no fear,
Yuxiu Xiong, 2022, Germany
Dancing Life Alone,
Tanja Nabben, 2022, Netherlands
Tutto a posto,
Eva Michiels, 2021, Belgium,
Pêdra Costa, 2022, Germany
Thawra By Proxy,
Louise Gholam, 2020, United Kingdom
Aimar Lomo & Sen, 2022, Spain
Peacefully Disturbed,
Eve, Peacefully Disturbed, 2022, United States

Untitled, FILTH AVE,
2022, India
It’s Giving,
Tsohil, 2022, USA
Taking A Break From Everything,
Aderemi Adegbite, 2022, Nigeria
Housedress Stairs Jazz Waltz in F,
RM Vaughan, 2014, Canada
Nothing Passes From Motion To Rest Unless You Move It In Hidden Ways,
Shaunak Mahbubani, 2022, India
Before i lay myself to rest, I ask the queers my soul to keep,
Abdul Dube, 2022, Denmark
Deep state sukoon,
Nanna Maria Wibholm & Mira Iranpour, 2022, Denmark

Safe Place,
Viktoria Gudnadottir, 2022, Netherlands
FILTH AVE, 2022, India
Bart Sweens, 2022, Belgium
Vinicius Davi, 2020, Brazil
The Gate,
Mohammadreza Gholami, 2022, Iran

Untitled’ curated by ikkibawiKrrr

2023, HD video, 14,09 min. 

A series of 14 films recognizing plants as the bodies of gods, curated by Korean visual research band ikkibawiKrrr.
»We focus on the rising roots, perforated stems, and branches attached to the ground. Their appearance has a certain direction. Sometimes we call the plants strangers. However, perhaps we are the strangers, the ones who are not included in the network.« 

ikkibawiKrrr, 2022, Korea
The Clearing,
Misha De Ridder, 2017, Netherlands
Sphere To Plane,
Margarita Maximova, 2019, Germany
Forest Wide Time, Margarita
Maximova, 2019, Germany
Erin E. Adams, 2020, United States

The Alignment Problem,
Hilary Yip, 2022, United Kingdom
Crann na Beatha (Tree of Life),
20230014_Alan Power, 2022, Ireland
In the bush,
Chris Furby, 2022, United Kingdom
Chris Furby, 2022, United Kingdom
Miljana Nikovic, 2022, Serbia

A Method for Gathering Leaves,
Adam Knight, 2008, United Kingdom
Pink LED,
Tianyi Zheng, 2023, Netherlands
The murmurings of Ajá,
Remy Ryumugabe, 2023, Rwanda
Thea Josepha Konatsu, 2023, Taiwan