RIFF one of 20 essential International Film Festivals

The MovieMaker Magazine has just selected 20 international film festivals as essential and RIFF is one of them!


“This is the first time the  respected MovieMaker magazine makes this selection and we at RIFF are extremely honoured and excited to be part of this group.” Among other festivals are; Rotterdam, Tokyo, San Sebastian and Indie Lisboa, Karlovy Vary and Kario. All extremely respected festivals, says Hrönn Marinósdóttir, director of RIFF. Festivals mentioned  are  all important for tourists, journalists and filmmakers. See the article here.

“If you have the chance to attend any of the above film festivals as a film lover, you should, “ says the article and as well “If you have made it into any of them as a filmmaker, hello, we should probably interview you, because you either made it or in the process of making it.”

The magazine wants to draw attention to and celebrate international film festivals, not only the five biggest ones; Cannes, Venice, Sundance, Toronto and Berlin, but also prestigious festivals that are important to introduce filmmaking in respective countries and to promote high-quality films.