RIFF4Future Call for Participants

RIFF4Future is looking for young filmmakers!

Open for ages 16-19 years
When: 26.09.-30.09.2020 during RIFF 2020

RIFF4Future is a workshop taking place from 26th-30th of September supported by The Nordic Culture Point. The workshop aim is to bring together youths from Greenland, Faroese Islands, Finland, Norway and Iceland at a three-day workshop in Reykjavík on the topics of New Media and Sustainability.

The participants will be coached to use filmmaking, new media and storytelling to influence and promote their visions of a more sustainable world.

We will explore how young filmmakers can develop a distinctive voice and develop new methods in storytelling for New Media. Their task is to experiment with different approaches to storytelling and create short videos for Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook.
Throughout the three days of the workshop, participants will implement the concept of sustainability to broaden the impact and bring to attention the concerns of the 13 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Application deadline is 20th of August 2020.

Please send your application with a biography and motivation letter to riff4future@riff.is