The ,,Girls Film” Seminar Available Outside Of Reykjavík For The First Time

The “Girls Film” seminar was held for the first time outside of Reykjavík in the third week this year. Six more seminars will follow in the coming weeks closer to spring in other parts of the country. The first town we visited was Reykjanesbær where we got to know 22 amazing young girls and non binary individuals. Our aim is for the seminar to become a regular option for children in the countryside, ideally on yearly basis. It is our hope that these efforts will enrich female point of view and participation both behind and in front the camera when it comes to the Icelandic film industry in the future.

Silence on set. Action!

Fjörheimar, a state of the art youth center in Reykjanesbær, provided us with a base for the seminar the whole week we where there. The girls spent their week, during school time, with us in an intense crash course learning scriptwriting, directing, filming and editing. During this time they all made 5 minute long short films which will be screened at RIFF this fall. Every seminar we get a visit from a secret guest and this time Baltasar Kormákur (Contraband, Trapped, Everest) came to share his experience with the girls.

Baltasar Kormákur came for a visit as a secret guest. He listened to all the script ideas from the girls and gave the good advice.

The following video was filmed at the seminar in Reykjanesbær, January 2022.